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DT1150 - Steribac Foodsafe Bacterial Detergent Cleaner 5 Litre
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Steribac Foodsafe Bacterial Detergent Cleaner 5 Litre

"Steribac Cleaner (5L) STERIBAC is a BS EN 1276 approved bacterial kitchen cleaner and a best-selling product.

Designed for use in the food industry, it is food safe, non-tainting, and is used in many food storage and preparation areas.

Widely used in kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, fridges and freezers, it is also suitable for sanitising eating areas and kitchens in nurseries and care homes.

STERIBAC is recognised and recommended by many Environmental Health Officers.

Due to the minimal contact time of just 30 seconds, the optimal bug-kill rate can be achieved much faster than the 4 minutes many common alternatives require.

This reduces the amount of time needed to clean and sanitise a zone.

Key features:

Powerful, non-tainting, food-safe kitchen sanitiser and degreaser that does not require rinsing 30 second contact time Proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria including MRSA and E.Coli Passes BSEN1276 "

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[ Steribac Foodsafe Bacterial Detergent Cleaner 5 Litre ]

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