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Office Supplies Loyalty Vouchers

Things you need to know

When you open up an account and buy online, we think it's only fair we should give you something back, to say "Thanks".

So what we have done is added a loyalty gift voucher system to our webshop that gives you something back when you buy online!

The more you spend with us the more you'll get back! "Now that sounds good !!"

Here's how it works.

Every now and again we will have a special offer which you can view on homepage on the homepage. It gives you the opportunity to buy goods over a specific amount and in return we give you a loyalty voucher. You can redeem the voucher with your next order, or you can build it up over multiple orders to be worth hundreds euro.

Spend over 250€  (Excl. VAT/Delivery) and earn a 10€ voucher.

Look out for your voucher code in your confirmation email, which we'll ping over with 24 hours of you placing order.

To redeem simply enter your code in the promotion voucher code box on the payment page.

Multiple codes may be used per transaction.

Sound Good! IT is...

Free vouchers cannot be redeem for cash.

NB: We reserve the right to amend or suspend our Loyalty Voucher scheme without prior notice.

Voucher balances redeem thought valid loyalty vouchers will not be affected by such changes.